Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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I was going to write a post on my favorite looks from the Grammy Awards, until I realized that I can't think of a single dress that was really worth remembering. The dresses weren't bad, but they sure weren't anything special. I do have to say Jared Leto and Macklemore were looking mighty fine though. Ok now back on topic, Zuhair Murad's Spring 2014 Couture collection. Delicious. The line was truly something to marvel at. Just looking at the pieces made me feel elegant. The colors were subtle but packed a punch. The line was the kind of delicate that makes you feel powerful. They carried a strong sense of "I am a woman" and "I want to look beautiful". Which, would be an understatement of how any piece from this collection would make you look. The gold details and the leaf inspired belts were a perfect touch. This line is definitely going down as one of my top 3 from this years couture season. Oh, and just so you know, the wedding dress at the finale (which I will get my hands on as soon as I trick a man into dealing with me for the rest of my life) had around 25,000 appliqué flowers on it. Yes, you read that right, 25,000. I'll just go ahead and say what you all were thinking, that is INSANE. This collection was absolutely something. It seems rare nowadays to find a collection that feels pretty, rich, and powerful. The three things every woman wants to be. 

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