Color Me Shadowed


Blazer Lush | Bodysuit Urban Outfitters | Pants Topshop | Watch Kate Spade

Here's a little life lesson brought to you personally from yours truly, sometimes things not working out the way you want can leave them working out even better than you expected. Yes, you're so welcome for that Pinterest worthy advice - I'll turn it into a tacky image later (maybe a night sky or open field in the background). I was so excited for this look being that its composed of my favorite spring transition pieces. I was however, not so excited when it came to my attention the wall I initially wanted to use was out of the question due to some serious shadow coverage. The beautifully sunny day what making shooting difficult and *BAM* vision gone. So after a brief scouting for a new wall we landed upon the one that appeared to be the least affected by the shadows- definitely not mad at the outcome. I always love unexpected things like snow or shadows like this one, they add a little something more to the pictures.

Anyways, back to the real reason you're here - my outfit. We're in the middle of one of those frustrating transition seasons. Is it winter? Spring? Who honestly even knows. It snows one week and you're enjoying sunny and 65 the next, which can make dressing really difficult. The pieces in this outfit make that awkward question of what is seasonally / weather appropriate way easier to handle. This blazer specifically is a dream piece, you don't feel silly in it in the winter and you still feel great in it in the summer. I love the shear detail on the sleeves and back. I paired it with my favorite white pants (that I got a great deal on may I add), they're dressy and cool and the loose silhouettes of the blazer and these pants worked magnificently together. I topped the look off with my low cut bodysuit from Urban and a pair of strappy heels to give the look a more dressed up feel. It would have looked just as good for the daytime with a pair of interesting flats and a more conservative shirt or bodysuit.

Color Me Trimmed


Jumpsuit Scoop NYC | Bag Calvin Klein | Jewelry Madewell | Heels Steve Madden

Let's be real, there is nothing better than in between seasons when you can pretty much count on some seriously great sales - i.e. this ah-mazing Scoop NYC jumpsuit. Sales have been wreaking havoc on my bank account since the beginning of time, I don't see these lower prices as "spend less" but "buy more" (waiting on this mentality to catch up with me). After a serious shopping trip to the city I've been finding it hard to chose just which of my new pickups I want to flaunt for the shoot that week. This week was made easy due to the unseasonably beautiful day we had during this session. After checking the weather and seeing mid 60's in the forecast, I ditched my planned look for this super chic piece. 

This jumpsuit is a short girls dream, it gives my very average stature Kendall Jenner legs when I throw on some heels with it - I honestly can't think of a better confidence boost and can only imagine how great this would look on a tall girl. The fringe detail and open back are just enough to give the jumpsuit a little something-something, while also allowing it to be a piece I'll still be able to wear 10 years from now. So thrilled I stumbled upon this gem and actually gave it a shot before disregarding it as a piece strictly for tall girls. Note to self and word of advice for my shorter ladies out there - always bring heels into the dressing room.

Color Me Cruella


Jacket Topshop | Pants Topshop | T-Shirt Rag & Bone | Shoes Zara | Bag Calvin Klein | Hat Madewell

First let me start by saying I have the most beautifully-wonderful and kickass photographer out there. She braved the not-so-stellar elements for me to get what I think is one of the best shoots we've done thus far. This shoot was scheduled for the one day during the week that it wasn't supposed to snow - which of course I should have caught on by this point that there is no guarantee that the weather will do what its supposed to. Me being me, I planned on getting something done (this shoot) so I made sure that I got it done. Turns out snow may be my new favorite weather to shoot in - so cool. 

I went on a little shopping trip this past weekend and got so many great pickups, I'm set on blog posts for weeks. I was so stoked about this jacket that I had to get it in a post ASAP. I'm super into the fur jacket look and find it unbelievably cool. I picked up this faux Topshop piece for a steal and it instantly became one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I kept the rest of the look super simple, because anything other than simple could make the fur jacket a little (a lot) overwhelming. I thought the white pants made the look even cooler and were a great way to show you can break fashion rules. The one thing I would suggest is if you're wearing this as a winter look, black booties are much more practical - these Zara heels just looked too good to pass up on for the sake of the shoot.


Color Me Date Night


Leather Jacket Members Only | Slip Dress Zara | Clutch Express | Heels Calvin Klein

I'm going to start off by saying something that may throw some of you off a little bit - Valentine's Day is the absolute last day you should be pulling out the pink and reds. There is something a little too tacky about getting ready for date night by attempting to match the holiday at hand. That's why the CMC style duo has decided to give you an alternative route to take this year while still keeping in mind it is a day focused on love and romance. 

While I personally have never found myself needing to get ready for a Valentine's Day date (I tend to spend mine with a couple large pizzas and my best girl friends) my dire need to avoid the obvious has made me quite the pro at alternative occasional dressing *peep my holiday look.* For this look I wanted to keep the romance notion in mind without using color (pink) as a too literally translation of that. For this look I really wanted to stick with a sexy romantic vibe, which I did by pulling out my favorite Zara slip dress. The subtle lingerie look is the ultimate way to do sexy and romantic all in one. It's not too provocative but still hints at the intimacy that typically comes with lingerie. I threw on the strappy heels and leather jacket to keep the look cool and the focus on the dress. The clutch was a great way to add another element to the look while still maintaining my cool-girl-romantic look. While my Valentine's Day look with consist of my fav new Jugrnaut hoodie and comfy shorts (which I'm totally down with) I hope that this helps all you love birds out there with your weekend look. 

Ps. Check out the other half of this look in "His Looks" if you or your man need a little help with his date night look.

Color Me Canadian Tuxed


Jacket Vintage Calvin Klein | Jeans BDG | Bodysuit Free People Intimate | Sneakers Adidas | Bandana Choker Free People 

When I put together this look I couldn't decide whether I was channeling my inner urban cowboy or Britney Spears circa 2001 VMA's - still totally into it though. In a desperate attempt to rid ourselves of the affects of the previous nights doing, my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to drive over an hour away to go to our favorite juice bar, which conveniently is a 10 minute drive from some decent shopping - so obviously we took advantage of that. I'm not usually a free people girl, while the clothes are cute enough the boho style doesn't typically vibe with my look, but we decided to pop in anyways. Thank you to the fashion gods that be for that too, because this bandana choker fucking rocks my world - I'd be lying if I said it didn't make its way into arguably one too many of my outfits this week. 

This look was for the most part completely formed with the choker in mind. The bodysuit I picked up the same day became my starting point and I built the outfit from there. The vintage Calvin was an obvious choice, it was the pants I struggled with the most. I threw the jeans on as a "what if" and was surprisingly super into the denim on denim look. The whole outfit turned out totally bad ass and earned me a plethora of compliments. Including one rockstar of a girl telling me it looked like something Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What would wear - as you can expect that made me feel stellar for pretty much the rest of the week. 

Color Me Over It


Overalls Madewell | Bodysuit ASOS | Shoes Tommy Hilfiger | Bag Calvin Klein

I've made it my mission the last few weeks to find the perfect pair of overalls, which for a while seemed to be one of the hardest fashion endeavors I've ever embarked on. While so many looked so good on the models, hangers, etc. most of them looked horrendous on. Super bummed, I had essentially give up on this mission - throwing in the towel for good. Little did I know all the fitting rooms and searching would be worth it, because let me tell you, these are the Holy Grail of overalls. Your ass still looks good and you avoid the vegan soccer mom look (hopefully a reference at least one of you will get a giggle out of). 

I shouldn't have been so surprised at how amazing these were however, every thing a Madewell is actually made super well - shitty pun intended. I paired the overalls with one of my favorite black bodysuits, and a funky pair of menswear inspired Tommy Hilfiger flats to keep the look simple yet cool. I 100% recommend this pick up to anyone in the market for an unconventional closet staple.