Color Me Jailbird


Dress Alice & OU | Shoes Y.R.U | Jewelry Madewell | Sunnies Spitfire 

I apologize in advance to anyone who may not be the biggest fan of these shoes (Mom), but I just had to let the world know how I feel about summer coming to an end. Side note- they are a fantastic conversation starter. Unfortunately, it's still pretty toasty here and I  am all about comfort. For those of you fellow college girls, I'm sure you know the pain of putting on a cute outfit only to have it ruined by buckets of sweat by the time you finish your 20 minute walk to class. Seriously such a mood ruiner. Dresses are hands down the best solution to this catastrophe, this  Alice & OU from Urban Outfitters dress is no exception. It actually may be one of the most comfortable dresses I've worn in a while. Possibly due to the fact that you can go bra -free, a girl's saving grace on a hot day.

I'm a big fan of mixing girly and edgy lately and this look has been one of my favorites. The dress is totally frilly (not my style typically), but looks super cool with these badass shoes. I once again pulled out my go to Madewell pieces. Which, if you have not checked out yet, you need to ASAP. A lifetime supply of Madewell would make me an absurdly happy gal. I added the sunnies for a last fun pop to the look, simple aviators or Ray-Ban Club Masters seemed a little too boring. Spitfire is a British sunglasses brand that I'm totally obsessed with. I got these a couple years ago at a Sunglass Hut and have been in love with the brand ever since. All of their looks are the epitome of cool, LOVE. Over all, I'm just trying to enjoy these last few days of summer one sun dress at a time.