Color Me Sporty


Jacket Members Only | T-Shirt Anvil Organic | Jeans Madewell | Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas | Baseball Cap Nike  

I call this look, " I've spent the last week in the library and officially give up, but I wanna look cute." Surprise surprise, my beloved Madewell jeans made it into yet another post. I like to think of my blog as very relatable in regards to the fact that I unfortunately do not have 65 pairs of jeans and I do have favorites I re-wear A LOT, but hey, same goes for most girls. After my week spent staring at practice math midterms and review packets, there was no time to get fancy with my looks. I just wanted to wake up, get dressed, and look decent without the hassle of picking out the perfect outfit for an hour. That would be an hour better spent pouring coffee down my throat and disguising my pathetic under eye bags (which I never get, ugh).

My whole look was essentially based around my favorite fix for day-3 hair, my trusty White Sox baseball cap (GO SOUTH SIDE) and my inability to fully function before 11 am. Of course my perfectly ripped and worn Madewell jeans were thrown into the mix, being that when I have no desire to think out an outfit those are destined to mindlessly end up on my body.  A band-tee and sneakers were added for comfort and a leather jacket for both practicality and style. Short and sweet process. It's the perfect formula for looking cute with a 5 minute time frame. There's no need to worry a whole lot about what matches and what doesn't, it's hard to go wrong with a tee-shirt and jeans.

NOT PICTURED: The many no foam, no water, soy chai lattes with double shots of espresso that unfortunately did not keep me awake, but did manage to piss off any Starbucks workers who had to take my order that day.