Color Me Chic


Sweater Zara | Pants Caliv Klein | Shoes Calvin Klein | Bag Rebecca Minkoff | Sunnies Ray-Bans

There are leaves on the ground, soy lattes in my hand, and turtlenecks on my body - I think it goes without saying that makes this fall loving gal quite content. To me 60 and sunny is a delightful forecast to wake up to, i'd be totally BS-ing you if I said sunny and 75 was my jam. Although warmer weather is delightful, 50-60 is the perfect temperature for style peaks. Hello, cozy sweaters and leather jackets. I'm all about great knits and layering so anytime I can leave the house comfortably in such outfits, I know it's going to be a good day. 

I've always been a sweater girl, but only recently discovered my obsession with turtlenecks. I cannot get enough, I've been scouring local boutiques and online shopping for the last couple of weeks strictly to grow my collection. OK, I may have also picked up a couple Glossier products along the way (blog post to come after I test them out!). This Zara gem came in the mail a couple days ago and has already become one of my closet favorites. Jeans, dress pants, even shorts look stellar with it. It honestly may be one of the most versatile pieces in my closet, I wore it this day with ripped jeans and sneakers to class and dressed it up with the Calvin Klein pants and heels for an event later that night. It was a 2 minute turn around from casual to dressy, which was perfect because I had literally 2 minutes for the transformation. 

The fashion gods truly blessed us with the invention of the turtleneck. A fall must.