Color Me Over It


Overalls Madewell | Bodysuit ASOS | Shoes Tommy Hilfiger | Bag Calvin Klein

I've made it my mission the last few weeks to find the perfect pair of overalls, which for a while seemed to be one of the hardest fashion endeavors I've ever embarked on. While so many looked so good on the models, hangers, etc. most of them looked horrendous on. Super bummed, I had essentially give up on this mission - throwing in the towel for good. Little did I know all the fitting rooms and searching would be worth it, because let me tell you, these are the Holy Grail of overalls. Your ass still looks good and you avoid the vegan soccer mom look (hopefully a reference at least one of you will get a giggle out of). 

I shouldn't have been so surprised at how amazing these were however, every thing a Madewell is actually made super well - shitty pun intended. I paired the overalls with one of my favorite black bodysuits, and a funky pair of menswear inspired Tommy Hilfiger flats to keep the look simple yet cool. I 100% recommend this pick up to anyone in the market for an unconventional closet staple.