Color Me Cruella


Jacket Topshop | Pants Topshop | T-Shirt Rag & Bone | Shoes Zara | Bag Calvin Klein | Hat Madewell

First let me start by saying I have the most beautifully-wonderful and kickass photographer out there. She braved the not-so-stellar elements for me to get what I think is one of the best shoots we've done thus far. This shoot was scheduled for the one day during the week that it wasn't supposed to snow - which of course I should have caught on by this point that there is no guarantee that the weather will do what its supposed to. Me being me, I planned on getting something done (this shoot) so I made sure that I got it done. Turns out snow may be my new favorite weather to shoot in - so cool. 

I went on a little shopping trip this past weekend and got so many great pickups, I'm set on blog posts for weeks. I was so stoked about this jacket that I had to get it in a post ASAP. I'm super into the fur jacket look and find it unbelievably cool. I picked up this faux Topshop piece for a steal and it instantly became one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I kept the rest of the look super simple, because anything other than simple could make the fur jacket a little (a lot) overwhelming. I thought the white pants made the look even cooler and were a great way to show you can break fashion rules. The one thing I would suggest is if you're wearing this as a winter look, black booties are much more practical - these Zara heels just looked too good to pass up on for the sake of the shoot.