Color Me Trimmed


Jumpsuit Scoop NYC | Bag Calvin Klein | Jewelry Madewell | Heels Steve Madden

Let's be real, there is nothing better than in between seasons when you can pretty much count on some seriously great sales - i.e. this ah-mazing Scoop NYC jumpsuit. Sales have been wreaking havoc on my bank account since the beginning of time, I don't see these lower prices as "spend less" but "buy more" (waiting on this mentality to catch up with me). After a serious shopping trip to the city I've been finding it hard to chose just which of my new pickups I want to flaunt for the shoot that week. This week was made easy due to the unseasonably beautiful day we had during this session. After checking the weather and seeing mid 60's in the forecast, I ditched my planned look for this super chic piece. 

This jumpsuit is a short girls dream, it gives my very average stature Kendall Jenner legs when I throw on some heels with it - I honestly can't think of a better confidence boost and can only imagine how great this would look on a tall girl. The fringe detail and open back are just enough to give the jumpsuit a little something-something, while also allowing it to be a piece I'll still be able to wear 10 years from now. So thrilled I stumbled upon this gem and actually gave it a shot before disregarding it as a piece strictly for tall girls. Note to self and word of advice for my shorter ladies out there - always bring heels into the dressing room.