Color Me Date Night


Leather Jacket Members Only | Slip Dress Zara | Clutch Express | Heels Calvin Klein

I'm going to start off by saying something that may throw some of you off a little bit - Valentine's Day is the absolute last day you should be pulling out the pink and reds. There is something a little too tacky about getting ready for date night by attempting to match the holiday at hand. That's why the CMC style duo has decided to give you an alternative route to take this year while still keeping in mind it is a day focused on love and romance. 

While I personally have never found myself needing to get ready for a Valentine's Day date (I tend to spend mine with a couple large pizzas and my best girl friends) my dire need to avoid the obvious has made me quite the pro at alternative occasional dressing *peep my holiday look.* For this look I wanted to keep the romance notion in mind without using color (pink) as a too literally translation of that. For this look I really wanted to stick with a sexy romantic vibe, which I did by pulling out my favorite Zara slip dress. The subtle lingerie look is the ultimate way to do sexy and romantic all in one. It's not too provocative but still hints at the intimacy that typically comes with lingerie. I threw on the strappy heels and leather jacket to keep the look cool and the focus on the dress. The clutch was a great way to add another element to the look while still maintaining my cool-girl-romantic look. While my Valentine's Day look with consist of my fav new Jugrnaut hoodie and comfy shorts (which I'm totally down with) I hope that this helps all you love birds out there with your weekend look. 

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