Color Me Shadowed


Blazer Lush | Bodysuit Urban Outfitters | Pants Topshop | Watch Kate Spade

Here's a little life lesson brought to you personally from yours truly, sometimes things not working out the way you want can leave them working out even better than you expected. Yes, you're so welcome for that Pinterest worthy advice - I'll turn it into a tacky image later (maybe a night sky or open field in the background). I was so excited for this look being that its composed of my favorite spring transition pieces. I was however, not so excited when it came to my attention the wall I initially wanted to use was out of the question due to some serious shadow coverage. The beautifully sunny day what making shooting difficult and *BAM* vision gone. So after a brief scouting for a new wall we landed upon the one that appeared to be the least affected by the shadows- definitely not mad at the outcome. I always love unexpected things like snow or shadows like this one, they add a little something more to the pictures.

Anyways, back to the real reason you're here - my outfit. We're in the middle of one of those frustrating transition seasons. Is it winter? Spring? Who honestly even knows. It snows one week and you're enjoying sunny and 65 the next, which can make dressing really difficult. The pieces in this outfit make that awkward question of what is seasonally / weather appropriate way easier to handle. This blazer specifically is a dream piece, you don't feel silly in it in the winter and you still feel great in it in the summer. I love the shear detail on the sleeves and back. I paired it with my favorite white pants (that I got a great deal on may I add), they're dressy and cool and the loose silhouettes of the blazer and these pants worked magnificently together. I topped the look off with my low cut bodysuit from Urban and a pair of strappy heels to give the look a more dressed up feel. It would have looked just as good for the daytime with a pair of interesting flats and a more conservative shirt or bodysuit.