Saint Laurent Confetti Stripe Print Polo Shirt


I believe that the classic polo has always been a staple in men’s clothing; however, for the upcoming spring/summer season I think it should absolutely be a must-have for every man. Versatile clothes are great, and this is one of the most versatile shirts a man can own. It can be easily dressed up with dress pants and a matching blazer/jacket, and can also be dressed down for brunch the next morning by simply losing the jacket.

This featured polo from Saint Laurent’s Surf Sound Collection is definitely on the higher end, as far as polo’s go, but this is a perfect example of a summer, must-have type of polo. The nicer the weather, the easier you can get away with crazy patterns – such as this one by YSL. So go out and get yourself a serious statement polo and rock it under a blazer or just solo - you’ll be all set for the upcoming season.  


Nomos-Glashütte Tetra 27 Watch


Square watches are back in style and adding one to your watch collection will really allow you to stand out from the rest of the pack. If you don’t believe me, just check out the Biebs on the cover of the latest GQ issue. The combination of features from GQ and Justin Bieber should, alone, be enough to convince you to get after this trend ASAP. Now, this watch that I featured is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. A beautiful, limited edition Nomos-Glashütte watch, which comes from a small town tucked away in the Ore Mountains just south of Berlin - is a serious thing of beauty. Priced at 1980 USD, the Nomos-Glashütte is just slightly outside of my college budget so I searched around a bit and found a very similar watch for a much cheaper price. If this look is something you are interested in, but maybe don’t want to spend this kind of money on it, check out the new watch that I’ll be rockin everyday, the K Squared watch in Gunmetal by Nixon.

Saint Laurent Triple-Zip Wyatt Chelsea Boot


I'd like to start off by making a point that men's boots are far too underrated and not given the credit due to them- they're just as essential in a guy's wardrobe as they are in a woman's. These Saint Laurent Triple-Zip Wyatt Chelsea Boots are so dope. I remembered seeing them on some fashionInstagram account and immediately took to the internet to locate them. Being that they're Saint Laurent, I figured they would be a little out of my price-range - they do make a great Wishlist item though. These shoes would automatically class up any outfit and add a hell of a lot of style. If you're looking for a solid shoes of any style and have the money to drop - Saint Laurent isn't a bad place to start looking.

BERLUTI Un Jour Leather Briefcase


As college graduation and the undeniable start of big boy life quickly approaches there isn’t too much to look forward to. No more sleeping until noon, no more going out whenever I please, etc. One thing that I can look forward to is being able to dress nice everyday and really expand my wardrobe and accessories to better cater to the professional world. One of those accessories being a briefcase such as this one. I know that they are not as popular as they once were – with people moving on to other types of bags; however, I still think they are a must have for any man. A briefcase is something that is with you everyday, which cannot be said about many accessories or articles of clothing, so it should demand attention as soon as it enters the room. Berluti has been a king of leather goods for years so why put trust in any other company when it comes to something as important as this. This briefcase will run you a cool $3,500, so it won’t be finding its way into my hands anytime soon – but something along these lines will definitely suffice for my first briefcase.