BERLUTI Un Jour Leather Briefcase


As college graduation and the undeniable start of big boy life quickly approaches there isn’t too much to look forward to. No more sleeping until noon, no more going out whenever I please, etc. One thing that I can look forward to is being able to dress nice everyday and really expand my wardrobe and accessories to better cater to the professional world. One of those accessories being a briefcase such as this one. I know that they are not as popular as they once were – with people moving on to other types of bags; however, I still think they are a must have for any man. A briefcase is something that is with you everyday, which cannot be said about many accessories or articles of clothing, so it should demand attention as soon as it enters the room. Berluti has been a king of leather goods for years so why put trust in any other company when it comes to something as important as this. This briefcase will run you a cool $3,500, so it won’t be finding its way into my hands anytime soon – but something along these lines will definitely suffice for my first briefcase.