Saint Laurent Confetti Stripe Print Polo Shirt


I believe that the classic polo has always been a staple in men’s clothing; however, for the upcoming spring/summer season I think it should absolutely be a must-have for every man. Versatile clothes are great, and this is one of the most versatile shirts a man can own. It can be easily dressed up with dress pants and a matching blazer/jacket, and can also be dressed down for brunch the next morning by simply losing the jacket.

This featured polo from Saint Laurent’s Surf Sound Collection is definitely on the higher end, as far as polo’s go, but this is a perfect example of a summer, must-have type of polo. The nicer the weather, the easier you can get away with crazy patterns – such as this one by YSL. So go out and get yourself a serious statement polo and rock it under a blazer or just solo - you’ll be all set for the upcoming season.