Best Shoes For Spring


1. Vans Whispering Pink Leather Slip-On Technically, these are women’s shoes, but they’re also incredibly cool. Being women’s shoes, you have to be a men’s size 10 or smaller to wear them, so I’m out of luck. But for those of you in that size range, I think that this is a really cool way to incorporate some pink into your wardrobe without being obnoxious because this shade is pretty subtle. I also just love the slip-on style of shoes, and this is a really cool twist on that design in its being leather and a unique color.

2. Adidas Tubular Primeknit This design may be a little more out of left field than some of the other options on this list, but I’m a really big fan of some of the Tubular models Adidas has been releasing lately. I’ve got a black pair of my own and not only are they super comfortable, but they look unlike anything else on the market. They have less pricier options than the primeknit version (made from neoprene I believe) including the new Radial edition which is the weirdest looking of the bunch but not without its own unique charm. I guess the Tubular is on this list for all of the people looking for something really modern and capable of making some sort of statement.

3. ASOS Driving Shoes in Tan Suede I absolutely love that drivers are back in style, and although I have a pair in black leather, I think that the lighter, suede variations of this design look amazing for spring. ASOS’ version is nice in that it’s actually affordable and doesn’t have the annoying tassels a lot of loafer-like shoes have. That may just be a personal taste thing, but I think the tassels have a little too much going on compared to simple penny loafers or drivers with simple laces. And they’re just a touch classier than tennis shoes if that’s the look you're going for.

4. Lacoste L.12.12 Premium Leather Sneakers This pair is for those of you who are really looking to invest in a solid pair of sneakers. I’ve loved Lacoste’s tennis shoes for a while now, and the latest iteration of their leather sneaker continues their devotion to simple, elegant design. You can’t really go wrong with any of the colors they offer in this sneaker either as although I swear by all-white designs, each shade looks classy in its own right. And they’re all stupid comfy. I have an older pair of this design, and they fit near perfectly. The leather ages really well too.

5. White Vans Canvas Old Skool I’ve been a supporter of all-white shoes for quite some time now, and they don’t seem like they’ll be on the decline any time soon. Vans have similarly been coming back into the forefront of style even outside of the skate scene that popularized them in the first place. Here we have a wonderful marriage of the two in canvas, a lightweight material perfect for the warm weather heading our way in the coming months. As long as you’re game for continuously stressing out over your ability to keep them nice and clean, they’re a worthy investment.

3 Best Coffee Shops: Nashville & St. Louis


If you’re anything like me, you understand that coffee is the supreme life-giving source from which all blessings and goodness flow. This belief has led to a personal, lifelong struggle to obtain and consume the perfect cup of coffee.

It’s probably an impossible feat, but I really like coffee and really like visiting new coffee shops. I’ve done this both in my hometown of St. Louis and in my current home of Nashville, and I’ve often asked myself which city has provided me with better coffee.

There really isn’t a great way to go about deciding this, but I’m going to pick my top three favorite coffee shops from each city, rank the six I end up with, and whoever has the lowest score when adding up the rankings wins. I’ll be basing my rankings off of atmosphere, location, and quality of coffee. In case you’re wondering, I usually order plain, black coffee, iced or hot.

My three Nashville picks are Bongo Java, Portland Brew, and Steadfast. My three St. Louis picks are Blueprint, Kaldi’s Coffee, and Sump. Here we go.

6. Kaldi’s Coffee (St. Louis) There are multiple locations around the St. Louis area, but I’m basing my thoughts on the Chesterfield Valley location as it’s the closest to my house and the one I go to most. Kaldi’s holds a special place in my heart as it’s where I tried black, iced coffee for the very first time which has become my all-time favorite drink. Kaldi’s is pretty consistently good and offer a pretty wide variety of drinks and roasts which is nice, and the food is excellent as well. It can just be weirdly crowded at times and the Chesterfield Valley is a strange, dark place of white-upper-middle-class activity which probably knocks it down a few pegs.

5. Portland Brew (Nashville) I love Portland brew because not only is it cheap, but it tastes better than most coffees that cost twice as much. Plus, it’s right down the street from one of the most overrated coffee shops in Nashville (hint: it rhymes with Mothy Fronkey) and is almost always less crowded. I’ve never really had a problem finding a table and it’s always filled with quirky, artistic people working on various creative projects. I love that type of environment. Being located on 12 South doesn’t hurt either as it’s one of the coolest neighborhoods to hang around in Nashville. Plus I had one of the best iced coffees I’ve ever had there. It literally tasted like chocolate. Unreal.

4. Steadfast Coffee (Nashville) It’s hard to base this coffee shop off the same criteria as the rest as I’ve only ever ordered one thing from here and it’s the coffee soda, but the coffee soda alone is enough to get this place on the list. It’s seriously one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted, although it’s a tad expensive. And it’s in the Germantown neighborhood which is beautiful. Last time I went to Steadfast, the people I was supposed to meet were late, so I walked around the nearby neighborhoods and it was amazing. My only issue with this coffee shop is actually that the employees are almost too nice. Yes, you want to welcome customers, but I was almost afraid at how friendly they were. I’m not extroverted enough to play along.

3. Blueprint Coffee (St. Louis) The Loop is one of the best places to hang in St. Louis and it’s where Blueprint is so conveniently placed. It literally looks like what would happen if Apple ever made a coffee shop. The place is just so well-designed! The coffee lives up to the aesthetic as well; they’ve got some of my favorite iced coffee in all of St. Louis. It’s basically my go-to coffee shop for when I’m feeling tired before concerts and need a little boost. I stopped by here with some friends before seeing Tyler, The Creator down the street at The Pageant, and it kept me amped all night. Also, if you live in St. Louis and haven’t been down to The Loop, what is wrong with you?

2. Bongo Java (Nashville) Bongo is great mostly because of it’s location; it’s right across the street from where I go to school which makes it super convenient for when I’m too lazy to make my own coffee but not desperate enough to get coffee from the Starbucks on campus. It’s my default place to go study and my favorite Nashville coffee shop due to not only it’s consistently good coffee, but it’s great atmosphere. It’s got such a quirky vibe which is evident from it’s weird playlist choices (I’ve heard Black Sabbath, Beach House, and Michael Jackson played within an hour of each other) to it’s bizarre, unique paintings. The staff is great too. I know a lot of people think that they’re kind of mean, but, if that’s the case, it mostly just adds to the charm in my opinion. It may not have the best coffee in Nashville, but it’s certainly one of the most unique places to drink it. I seriously go here three to five times a week.

1 Sump Coffee (St. Louis) Sump is almost too good to be true. I’ve never gone and not had the best tasting coffee of my entire life. I don’t know what they do to it although I suspect they just infuse it with crack or something of similar addictivity. It’s just that good. And they serve the coffee in small pitchers which is awesome for somebody like me who likes to drink unhealthy amounts of coffee at a time. My favorite thing to do is bring a friend, get two pitchers of different roasts, and share because the crazy thing is that each roast they offer has its own distinct, amazing flavor. It’s just a super cool looking shop as well. It just kind of blends into it’s south city surroundings making it all the more surprising when you go inside and try their nectar of the gods. Their branding is great too; I love the bearded skull they use on everything. I don’t know - this coffee shop weirdly makes me want to be a better person.

So there you have it. When we add up the rankings belonging to each city, we get 11 points for Nashville and 10 points for St. Louis so that St. Louis wins by only one point! It’s a close contest to call, but I’ve got to give the victory to my hometown. But seriously, if you’re in either city, you really do need to check out all these locations. Each offer their own unique vibe and spin on coffee, and it really is amazing to be able to compare them all.

The Life of Pablo Review: Kanye's Best Yet?


The Life of Pablo is nothing if not an album of contradictions. From the moment Kanye debuted it (or at least an early draft of it) at Madison Square Garden during the kickoff of Yeezy Season 3, this was made pretty clear. Kanye will beg for liberation in the chorus of a song and then rap about getting bleach from a model’s asshole on his t-shirt in the verse. There will be a song where a woman gives her testimony of coming to Christ and then in the next song Kanye will rap about wishing his dick had a GoPro on it.

I get that Kanye said that this would be a gospel album with cursing, but during my first listen, the gospel element of it seemed to fall apart pretty quickly. Because yes, there are tinges of gospel music on this album for a good chunk of it, but after “Waves,” it kind of disappears until the very end of “Faded” (besides a few biblical images in “Wolves”). That doesn’t sound like a gospel album to me, and maybe Kanye was just saying that to generate interest.

But for all the bad things you could call Kanye, dishonest isn’t one of them. No matter how irritating or crass his statements may be, it still seems like he legitimately believes the things he says, so I think there is truth in his statement that somehow this entire album is somehow “gospel.”

This led me to think that maybe he didn’t mean gospel in a musical sense as much as he meant it represents a gospel in a more narrative sense. The name The Life of Pablo itself makes the album sound like it’s telling some sort of story, so whose story is it?

This was a legitimate mystery-to-be-solved for me. The biggest hint came in the song “Feedback” where Kanye talks about the “good news” about a “Chicago south-sider” who’s “been outta [his] mind a long time.” Gospel literally means good news. The gospel Kanye’s been referring to seems to me to be the gospel of Kanye himself.

This would make sense, especially considering he got the name Pablo from the Spanish form of Paul, the saint who was famous for interpreting the life of a famous historical figure of mythological proportions. In some ways, Kanye is doing the same thing. Kanye West is a modern day figure of similar proportions (at least in the world of popular culture), and on this album, Kanye is interpreting the life of the myth that is his public self, a myth of his own creation.

At this point, my mind was sufficiently blown, and I went and listened to the album for a second time with this in mind. The contradiction of the spiritual and carnal aspects of this album constantly butting heads began to make sense because that’s what’s been going on in Kanye’s head for his whole life. His life in many ways has been a war between his desire for God and desire for power/influence/sex.

This also helps to explain why he makes so many references to his past on the album whether it be the Taylor Swift incident or sampling part of Late Registration or talking about an ex from Chicago in “30 Hours.” These are all integral parts of his story.

What’s interesting about this gospel, like Jesus’, is that Kanye is just as interested in the future as he is with telling the story of his past, and there’s a very specific type of longing he has for the future. A theme that keeps popping up on this album is liberation. Kanye says that he just wants to be free (or I guess Rihanna does on “Famous”) and feel liberated. 

But liberated from what? Some of Kanye’s tweets lately seem to hint that he’s trying to be free of his ego, but nothing he says on this album really points towards anything that would lead me to believe he’s actually acting on that wish. The Life of Pablo is full of the same Kanye-isms we’ve come to expect of him, reminding us of how narcissistic he can be.

The only thing I could see as maybe pointing towards Kanye getting better about his ego is the amount of times he references Christianity, a faith that tends to focus on serving others instead of the self. But even then, Kanye isn’t usually the one on the album who says much about Christ; it’s usually other people whether it be the little girl on the opening track “Ultralight Beam” or the woman sharing her testimony on “Low Lights.” This isn’t to say that Kanye hasn’t rapped about his faith before; “Jesus Walks” is one of my all-time favorite Kanye tracks. I just find it odd that apart from these themes being on the album, Kanye distances himself from them in that it’s never actually him saying much about God. He’s simultaneously asking for liberation and refusing to ever say what he believes will get him there.

All of this to say that thematically, I find this album incredibly interesting. I think there’s a lot to unpack about Kanye’s spirituality and quest for freedom, a lot I probably haven’t even picked up on yet. It’s a very personal album that reveals a lot about its creator.

Musically, however, this album tends to be kind of all over the place. Kanye is just as gifted a producer as ever, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that links the songs together as far as instrumentation or vibe go. I think I read somewhere that this album feels more like a mixtape for that reason, and I think that’s a good way of thinking of it. There’s a diverse amount of material on here, and I’ll highlight a couple tracks I think are important.

“Ultralight Beam” is one of my favorite tracks and features Chance The Rapper who probably has the best verse on the album. In fact, Chance and Kendrick probably have the two best verses, which may relate back to Kanye’s lessening of his ego, but I digress. I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs Kanye has ever written.

Then we get to “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” and “Pt. 2” which I’m going to lump together as one track. The sample at the beginning of “Pt. 1” is really cool, and I love how that bass synth starts to creep in underneath it. Lyrically, I’m not a huge fan. Frankly, I think the “bleached asshole” bit is kind of stupid. Who rhymes asshole with asshole? I’m not even sure that Kanye can get away with it. We then get to “Pt. 2” which sounds like a lot of bad, popular rap being made right now. My favorite thing about Kanye is his relentless creativity, but this song kind of sounds like Future, and not in a good way. You’re better than Future, Kanye.

“Feedback” is my favorite song on the album as of right now. It’s just sick and features what I think is Kanye’s best verse of these 18 tracks. In second and third place for my favorite tracks are probably “No More Parties in LA” and “30 Hours.”

I guess my biggest thing is that this album probably could have been a lot shorter and have functioned better as an album. A lot of the songs feel unnecessary or just aren’t as good as the tracks that are truly exceptional. That may just be me as I tend to be a fan of shorter albums, but the album starts to feel unfocused by its second half and ends on a really strange note.

Overall, I think it’s a great though. It’s got some of Kanye’s most unique songs even with a couple that are a little closer to average. I think it’s probably about half and half, but the songs that I didn’t initially like grow on me every time I listen to them. The whole album has grown on me. Maybe this was partially due to my getting over the fact that Kanye made it a Tidal exclusive, or maybe these songs really do need a few listens for one to begin to understand the underlying messages. I don’t really know.

All I do know is that I’m glad Kanye is back and creating art as complex as we’d expect from an artist with his level of talent, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. I just hope in the meantime, he takes a break from Twitter.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re anything like me, you’re single and know nothing about relationships//romance/human contact. However, I do know a little bit about what that special guy in your life might want as a present from his special someone. Here are some easy ideas!

1. Nixon x Primitive Sentry Rose Gold Analog Watch I’m starting this list off with a gift that’s a bit of a stretch as it’s on the pricier end of the Valentine’s Day Gift spectrum. Every guy needs a solid watch, and rose gold is a great color to go alongside a holiday known for it’s pink-tinged color scheme. I just don’t think rose gold gets enough credit when it comes to guys’ accessories, and this watch looks absolutely awesome. Maybe don’t go for this if it’s the first date, but if you’ve been in a serious relationship for a while and are looking to invest in something, this isn’t a bad idea.

2. Baxter Pocket Comb I never thought I would think that a comb was cool, but this is a really cool comb. It’s not that expensive (maybe a little expensive for a comb), functional, and classy as hell. Plus, this brand is cool because all of their products are hand-manufactured and work like a dream.

3. Original Penguin Shoe Shine Kit I’ve got this it and it’s a lifesaver. You can’t have a date with less than stellar kicks, and if he doesn’t feel like investing in a new pair, a polish job can do the trick. This stuff lasts forever and it’s way more convenient to buff out those scratches quickly at home than pay for a shoe-shine. You’ve got to love that DIY mentality.

4. Tie Bar Knit Solid Wool Tie Here we’ve got another option sticking with the red/pink color scheme. The Tie Bar is a solid choice for anybody looking to freshen up their tie game. I’m personally partial to knit ties, and I love the red wine color they offer in this one. It fits in with the Valentine’s vibe but isn’t too tackily pink to where it would be obnoxious on any other day. But if getting really into the Valentine’s spirit is really what he wants, they also offer it in a color called pinkberry which could probably also work for Easter.

5. O'Hanlan Mills Pierson Shawl Cardigan We’re entering that weird in-between time where it isn’t quite winter or fall, but it’s still pretty cold out. My advice for combating this weather is to invest in a solid, chunky cardigan. I’ve got two of these cardigans in cream and navy, and they’re two of the staples of my wardrobe. They’re versatile, ridiculously comfy, and make you look like you read books written by doctors. And, once again, if you’re looking for something more Valentine’s-y, you can always get it in maroon. Every color looks killer.

6. Frank and Oak Band Collar Striped Poplin Shirt Here we have a solid option for some of your more casual date options. It’s an awesome alternative to the standard pink oxford and has a subtle pattern thrown in for good measure as well. Frank and Oak is one of my favorite brands. I’ve got two of their shirts and they’re so solidly made. You really can’t go wrong with anything on their website. I just like this particular shirt as it continues with our color scheme and is a little more unique. I’m personally a fan of the band collar; it helps your shirts stand out a little more.

7. Asos Sweatshirt If you just plan on hanging around home on Valentine’s Day watching Netflix with your special someone, there’s no reason to dress up too fancy. Here’s a solid-looking, comfortable, holiday appropriate sweatshirt. You can never got wrong with a solid sweatshirt.

Top 9 Albums To Look Forward to in 2016


With the release of David Bowie’s new and final album, 2016 is already off to a pretty amazing start musically, and there’s still so much more to look forward to! Here’s the rundown of all the albums I’m excited for in the new year.

Kanye West- WAVES - February 11 Yeezus is one of my all-time favorite albums ever created, so it’s going to be pretty hard to top. But if anybody can do it, it would be Kanye himself. The scary part is that I honestly have no idea what this album is going to sound like. The tracks he released last year (with help from Paul McCartney and Rihanna) and has been releasing with the recent resurrection of G.O.O.D. Fridays haven’t really had any sort of sonic cohesiveness. They’re all completely different from each other. But I guess Kanye’s albums have always covered pretty diverse musical ground and still worked. I don’t know. This album’s kind of a wild card at this point, but I’m excited to see what Kanye’s been creating since becoming a dad and realizing his dreams in the fashion industry. He’s always had a unique point-of-view that’s bound to be changed by those recent milestones.

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression - March 18 Funhouse is another one of my favorite albums from way back in 1970 when Iggy was heading the punk rock band The Stooges. Now, he’s back with help from producer and guitarist Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, one of my favorite bands. Plus, the album features Dean Fertita on guitar who’s in Queens along with one of my other favorite bands The Dead Weather. It’s just a bunch of my favorite things coming together, and it’s really friggin’ exciting. Iggy debuted the first track off the album on Colbert a bit ago; it’s been stuck in my head ever since. The guy’s still got a knack for writing solid rock songs with a surprising amount of pop sensibility for all their rough edges. I’m excited to see what all these great musical minds are able to make together.

Blood Orange - TBA This one’s tricky because I’m not 100% positive that Dev Hynes has confirmed this album is actually being released this year, although he’s said definitely been working on new music as he released a few songs and a few collaborations last year. Cupid Deluxe was one of the most original albums of 2013 blending the best of 80s pop with important social messages. It’s another situation where it’s going to be hard to create a worthy follow-up, but Hynes is also one of the most intelligent musicians around today. I have no doubt whatever he does next will be bold and amazing.

Frank Ocean - Boys Don’t Cry - TBA This album was supposed to come out last July, yet we still haven’t heard almost anything from Ocean in a while. Channel Orange was a hell of a debut album and showcased not only Ocean’s incredible voice, but ability to mix traditional R&B with all the sounds and themes he’s also passionate about. It’s such a confident,  interesting album, and it’s given him freedom to explore even more new ground on the next release since we know he’s capable of it. I’m excited to see what he does with that freedom.

Lorde - TBA  Pure Heroine was awesome for anybody who just listened to “Royals” without checking out the rest of the album. Seriously, it contained some of the most original pop of 2013, and the songwriting was surprisingly thoughtful considering Lorde was 16 when she wrote it. For many, it was proof that pop can communicate actual ideas, although there were countless pop albums that had already done so. I guess it was mostly just a revelation for a new generation of pop music consumers who didn’t realize you can talk about more than getting drunk and grinding on strangers in a three minute timespan. Lorde’s has had three more years of experience going into this next record, and I’m excited to see what she writes about this time around having been famous for a good amount of time. Especially considering my favorite things about her were her intelligence and humility. I can’t imagine she’s gotten dumber, and I can’t imagine the fame has gone to her head, so I’m sure we can expect those two things to be evident in this second record as well.

M83 - TBA It’s been five years since Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. That’s so crazy to think about considering it still sounds ahead of its time. Like, fifty years ahead of its time. And that’s strange because the album borrows heavily from the best of 80s pop. It’s in this weird place in-between classic and radically progressive. It’s a lot of what makes the album so interesting to listen to. We don’t know anything about the new album apart from the fact it’s finished and that Anthony Gonzalez, M83’s frontman, has called it epic and different. That doesn’t tell us much since everything he’s ever done has been epic and different, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Metallica - TBA I don’t even care. I love Metallica. If we ignore that Lou Reed collaboration album, the last big thing they’ve released is Death Magnetic which found them returning to a lot of what made them so unique and exciting when they first emerged onto the metal scene. I personally think it’s a great album, and I could easily see them continuing that sort of “back-to-basics” mentality for this new album which would be amazing.

Radiohead - TBA This may be an unpopular opinion, but The King of Limbs is my favorite Radiohead album. I’m hoping it ends up like Kid A where in a few years, everyone else will think so too and then I can act all cool because I was one of the original fans. I’m calling it now. Deal with it. But the fact that Radiohead’s last album was just as original and creative as anything they’ve ever made makes me optimistic for their new release. Plus, Radiohead’s members have been pretty busy since 2011. Fans got an awesome Atoms for Peace album from Thom Yorke along with Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, a stellar electronic album. Jonny Greenwood scored two of my all-time favorite movies, The Master and Inherent Vice. Philip Selway released his debut solo album Weatherhouse which was pretty solid. AND, on top of all of that, Radiohead released what could have been the theme to the James Bond film Spectre, a track way cooler than the Sam Smith offering we were given. Long story short, they’ll have plenty of creative energy injected into the new album, and I’m excited to see where that leads them.

U2 - Songs of Experience - TBA Songs of Innocence was actually a pretty solid album for those of you that couldn’t get over your anger regarding the fact it was automatically added to your iTunes collection without your permission. Bono and Co. are still writing some pretty solid rock and roll songs, and, even more importantly, The Edge is still crafting some of the most unique guitar sounds and atmospheres he ever has. I’m sure all of that will continue on Songs of Innocence’s sister album Songs of Experience. And I think that’s a really cool idea having these two albums kind of play off each other thematically, reflecting on two very different times for the band. 

Everyday Style Moves From David Bowie

It’s a well-known fact that David Bowie’s influence is not just limited to the world of music, but is also evident in the world of fashion. His mythology was partially built on his outlandish, creative outfits on the stage which corresponded with whatever character he was trying to craft at the time. And yes, many of his outfits are just plain weird, but there are still lots of cues we can take from Bowie and incorporate into our own outfits for new twists on classic menswear.

1. Motorcycle jackets are and always will be badass, although I wouldn’t advocate for not wearing a shirt underneath if you’re just out for a night on the town. But if you still want to go for the simplicity of this type of outfit, you can always go the all black route (which seems to be a favorite of this blog) and wear a black crew-neck sweatshirt or tee underneath. If you want to dress it up a little more, a white dress shirt with a black tie would also work well. Since there’s already a bit going on when one wears a motorcycle jacket, simplicity is key for what you wear with it. Too much leather or too many zippers/buttons can start to look really tacky, really quickly.  

2. We move to a picture from early on in Bowie’s career. I’m pretty sure the color version of this photo reveals that Bowie is wearing a brightly-colored mustard suit and shirt, but I actually think that an all neutral, grey-toned version of this outfit is kind of awesome. It’s a great lesson in how to wear a suit more casually (i.e. without a dress shirt and tie). There’s an effortless cool to this look, which is actually pretty common amongst many of Bowie’s outfits. Plus his hat is super trendy by today’s standards, and Bowie was wearing it 50 years in advance. 

3. Here we’ve got a photo of Bowie in full-on “Thin White Duke” mode. I’m mostly partial to this look because it’s the one he adopted while promoting his Station to Station album which is my all-time favorite of his. It’s also refreshing to see one of Bowie’s more minimal outfits considering how elaborate some of his looks got (see anything from the Ziggy Stardust era) . But here we again have that sense of “effortless cool” Bowie exudes regardless of what character he’s playing. He’s wearing the hell out of a plain white dress shirt. I’m not guaranteeing (translation: there’s no way in hell) you’ll look like this if you wear a white shirt and black pants, but it’s worth a shot. The aesthetic idea behind this outfit is what matters, and I think the “less is more” mentality is important to adopt when attempting fashion. 

4. Bowie gives aspiring icons plenty of lessons in suiting twists. Experimenting with suit color has been a trend lately on a number of red carpet events; so have double-breasted suits. The issue is, neither are easy to pull off, yet Bowie does both in one outfit. Maybe you won’t get away with something as bold as turquoise, but new colors are an easy way to change up menswear staples that aren’t typically thought of as capable of being unique. You just run into the danger of whether or not the color is too visually assaultive. Use caution.  

5. This is a more realistic version of what picture four was getting at. Bowie does a stellar job pulling off the royal blue hues. A different material would probably make this style suit more useful to those of us who aren’t rockstars, so you should be on the lookout for something less shiny. Especially if you’re already messing around with color. One too many style swerves can make you look like you’re trying too hard if you don’t already have the credibility Bowie does.