Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is coming up and if you’re anything like me, you’re single and know nothing about relationships//romance/human contact. However, I do know a little bit about what that special guy in your life might want as a present from his special someone. Here are some easy ideas!

1. Nixon x Primitive Sentry Rose Gold Analog Watch I’m starting this list off with a gift that’s a bit of a stretch as it’s on the pricier end of the Valentine’s Day Gift spectrum. Every guy needs a solid watch, and rose gold is a great color to go alongside a holiday known for it’s pink-tinged color scheme. I just don’t think rose gold gets enough credit when it comes to guys’ accessories, and this watch looks absolutely awesome. Maybe don’t go for this if it’s the first date, but if you’ve been in a serious relationship for a while and are looking to invest in something, this isn’t a bad idea.

2. Baxter Pocket Comb I never thought I would think that a comb was cool, but this is a really cool comb. It’s not that expensive (maybe a little expensive for a comb), functional, and classy as hell. Plus, this brand is cool because all of their products are hand-manufactured and work like a dream.

3. Original Penguin Shoe Shine Kit I’ve got this it and it’s a lifesaver. You can’t have a date with less than stellar kicks, and if he doesn’t feel like investing in a new pair, a polish job can do the trick. This stuff lasts forever and it’s way more convenient to buff out those scratches quickly at home than pay for a shoe-shine. You’ve got to love that DIY mentality.

4. Tie Bar Knit Solid Wool Tie Here we’ve got another option sticking with the red/pink color scheme. The Tie Bar is a solid choice for anybody looking to freshen up their tie game. I’m personally partial to knit ties, and I love the red wine color they offer in this one. It fits in with the Valentine’s vibe but isn’t too tackily pink to where it would be obnoxious on any other day. But if getting really into the Valentine’s spirit is really what he wants, they also offer it in a color called pinkberry which could probably also work for Easter.

5. O'Hanlan Mills Pierson Shawl Cardigan We’re entering that weird in-between time where it isn’t quite winter or fall, but it’s still pretty cold out. My advice for combating this weather is to invest in a solid, chunky cardigan. I’ve got two of these cardigans in cream and navy, and they’re two of the staples of my wardrobe. They’re versatile, ridiculously comfy, and make you look like you read books written by doctors. And, once again, if you’re looking for something more Valentine’s-y, you can always get it in maroon. Every color looks killer.

6. Frank and Oak Band Collar Striped Poplin Shirt Here we have a solid option for some of your more casual date options. It’s an awesome alternative to the standard pink oxford and has a subtle pattern thrown in for good measure as well. Frank and Oak is one of my favorite brands. I’ve got two of their shirts and they’re so solidly made. You really can’t go wrong with anything on their website. I just like this particular shirt as it continues with our color scheme and is a little more unique. I’m personally a fan of the band collar; it helps your shirts stand out a little more.

7. Asos Sweatshirt If you just plan on hanging around home on Valentine’s Day watching Netflix with your special someone, there’s no reason to dress up too fancy. Here’s a solid-looking, comfortable, holiday appropriate sweatshirt. You can never got wrong with a solid sweatshirt.