Chloé "Faye" Bag


I’ve been obsessing over the Chloé “Faye” bag forever now and I’m only falling more and more in love. This bag is definitely in the running for bag of fall/winter and if you’re asking me it’s the winner. I saw the beauty on Danielle Bernstein’s Instagram and all I could think was “YES YES YES.” It comes in dozens of colors and multiple shapes. Each one just a beautiful as the last. The “wine purple” is hands down my favorite shape and the epitome of the perfect fall bag. The black tone mixed with the smooth leather and calf skin makes for quite a pretty bag. It’s so simple and so unique at the same time and a bag that definitely deserve’s it’s place on all our wish lists. At around $2,000 the bag may not be favored by our bank accounts, but if you’re looking for a fall time splurge I’d highly suggest giving this work of art a heavy consideration.